St. Mary Catholic Church



St. Joseph's Society


The St. Joseph's Society was established in 1879 and is now in its 133rd year of service to the parish. The parish society promoted the founding of the Catholic State League in 1900.


In May, The St. Joseph Society helped the St. Anne's Society host the Couples Anniversary Project. Seven couples were honored.


In 2009, the group completed refurbishing (sanding and resealing) the benches and footrests of the bleachers used in the pavillion. The project started in late May and continued through mid-June with volunteers working an hour and a half or so every weekday. Members and parishioners who participated include Kenneth Berger, Elroy Demel, Leo Dittrich Jr., Harlan Hilscher, Otto Kocian, Elmer Meyer, Emil Pauler, Leon Popp, James Prihoda, Francis Ripper, and Willy Schmidt.


On June 5, 2009, the St. Joseph's Society, the Catholic Life Br. #1, and the St. Augustine KJT Society participated in a JOIN HANDS DAY PROJECT at St. Mary. The group repaired, cleaned, and painted buildings, benches, fences, old pavilion poles, removed leaves, and pressure-washed the walks on the south and east side of the hall.


In late June, 2009, the St. Joseph's Society will begin repairing porch benches around the hall, painting old bingo tables used at the auction, and other items that need renovation in preparation for the parish picnic in September.


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